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Undressing Orthodoxy is a well-researched and documented webbook by Vin Sparks about the influence of Greek philosophy on church doctrine today.

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It is no secret that the ancient Greeks have wielded tremendous influence on Western thinking. Everything from science to mathematics; from philosophy, logic, ethics, and rhetoric to abstract objects and education bear the fingerprints of the great thinkers from Thales to Aristotle.

What Christians believe and teach should find its basis in the Christian scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. However, the author contends that, instead, Greek philosophy has influenced church doctrine from early on in the church age.

The person and deity of Christ; the nature of God, man, sin and salvation were all teachings that at one time or another during the early church age were challenged by Greek thinking. The subject matter of this webbook is the state of the dead. Where are those who have “gone on before us”, those who have “passed on from this life”?

Those questions themselves point to what we believe regarding their fate. There are as many versions of the afterlife, it seems, as there are people commenting on it. Can the Bible shed light on the subject? That is what this webbook is all about.

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