To My Kids That Missed It




Subject: I Looked for You When I Came Back

I know you are scared.

I so wanted you to be ready when I got back. I looked for you, but you weren’t there. I am not going to lie, its going to be bad. I imagine you knew that when you heard that there were millions of people gone, many you knew. I am sorry, but things have changed since I last emailed you.

Its going to get messed up fast!

You’re going to start to hear about war and, for the first time, there will be battles fought with foreign powers on American soil. No one will be far from it and many people are going to die. There are going to be food shortages like has never been seen and, between that and the wars, 25% of the earth’s population is going to be killed early on.

Then there will be devastating natural disasters – earthquakes so strong that mountains are moved, and islands disappear, weird solar and lunar eclipses, pieces of asteroids and comets will hit the earth’s surface causing a lot of damage and many more will be killed.

For years, all the rich and powerful, the captains and kings, the rulers and heads of state have been digging bunkers in the mountains all over the world and they are now running away to those bunkers while all the regular people are just looking for somewhere to hide in the rocks or the caves. Maybe you’ve found your way to one.

From here, more natural disasters are on their way: 100-pound hail stones mingled with fire will fall from the skies and destroy one third of the vegetation on the earth, a flaming piece of a comet will hit the ocean and kill one third of the sea life and destroy one third of the world’s ships. The loss of all that sea life will disrupt the food chain and the loss of that many ships will greatly disrupt the supply chain of all kinds of goods needed to survive. But it is not over yet.

Right now, all the militaries of the world are gearing up for battle. Fighter aircraft and bombers, tanks and big guns of every kind. Ground troops are getting ready too, 200 million of them!

In a short time, you’re going to be hearing that most people are getting angry with me, cursing me and saying they would rather die than to repent and acknowledge that I am God, but they can’t die.

I have given myself and am the savior of the whole world. Please, don’t allow hate to hide that from you. Change your mind and your ways. It will not be easy now, but you can still be saved.

I love you dearly,