Sketches on the way

Because in the Way is a Good Place to Be

About Vin

Who is this guy?

I think I probably represent the average Christian American with a not so average take on things.  I found the Lord Jesus to be reaVin in Chicagol in my life on January 23, 1980.  I can honestly say that, while I have not always been the best “me” I can be, something happened that night between the time I went down in the water and when I came back up again.  Something radical.   Something capable of changing my life.  I know this because…thats what it did – it changed my life.  I’ve never been the same.

I have five spectacular adult children from a previous marriage and six fantastic grandchildren.  I live in Madison, WI area where I work as a social media consultant.

So, why this blog?  I don’t know.  I think I just have something to say.  Some of the things I have to say need to be said.  Some of it could probably go unsaid, but you know what?  I may say them any way.

In addition to thinking I may have something to say, I find that writing crystalizes things for me. As I prepare a topic and subsequently begin writing, the subject matter comes alive for me and changes me. I love to write.

I’m hoping a few people will come along for the ride.

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