Natural Laws of a Different Nature

By Vin Sparks

We presented the natural design that exists in the universe – how precise it is, how balanced, perfectly ordered for human existence. Right here, on this planet, we are positioned strategically in this solar system and galaxy. Earth is in a quiet neighborhood, protected from the hazards of the galaxies all around us.

Our sun is the perfect star, our moon plays an amazing role in our existence, the size, gravitational pull and atmosphere of the earth – yep, you guessed it – all perfect!

I could go on because we discussed the tiny machines of molecular biology, the organized information contained in our DNA and the fact that we are all conscious, self-aware and can analyze what’s going on around us.

These are all the results of the order of things, the natural laws of the universe – physics, biology, biochemistry, cosmology, etc. We’ve barely scratched the surface of the wonders of design that are found throughout the universe. We and where we live seem to have been ordered perfectly.

So, Here We Are – What now?

Unless you are an existentialist and think you are only being led to believe you exist, you’re here and I am sure that you’ve noticed another set of laws that govern our lives – maybe we could call them metaphysical laws.

Webster defines metaphysics as the division of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being.

There are approximately 7.4 billion people on earth – how do we function? Sometimes I think we don’t very well, but to an astonishing degree, we do function quite nicely at that. It’s because of these sets of laws.

Take discretion as an example: if someone talks too much and is not a very discrete individual, there are some very natural things that are going to happen. People will avoid him/her, conversations with this person will be superficial at best and no one will ever confide in him/her.

Think about that. If you cannot be trusted to confide in, you can never really be a counselling help to anyone, you will never be taken seriously and your relationships will be shallow. Your standing as an individual is compromised.

This all happens very naturally. We all know a few like this, but for the most part, people understand the value of discretion.

There are a whole set of these “laws” in place to govern our interpersonal actions. There is the school of thought that says these are societal virtues that have socially evolved over time, but I don’t know that I agree. There has never been a society where indiscretion was a virtue to be sought after and developed.

Could it be that there is a transcendent moral order outside of ourselves that runs naturally through the very fiber of the universe? Could it be that wisdom is being in a place where you have learned how to live within the confines of this moral order – that the wise have learned and developed such virtues as humility, compassion, courage, discretion and loyalty?

Can you imagine a society in which theft is accepted as a normal part of life? Anything you see, want or need is not off limits. It is your right to acquire what you want in any way that you can get it.

Such a society could not function for very long. The energy and resources that would be invested in locking down and protecting what you possess would dwarf what is done today. There would be no concept of ownership, no ability to advance or build anything because there could be no assurance that the resources in your possession will be there tomorrow.

The way we were designed, both individually and collectively as a society, assumes the ownership of property, at least at some level, and prohibits theft. This axiom is vital, therefore, to a thriving culture – so, it was written, “Thou shalt not steal.”

We were left to discover the laws of the cosmos on our own, but regarding metaphysical laws, intelligent design included direction.