What’s This Blog About?


By Vin Sparks

Why does one blog? What possesses someone to begin writing and post it for the world to see? (Not that the world sees it at all, but we post it in a place to be seen just the same.)

You would think there would be a little narcissism involved, I mean, why would anyone be interested in anything I have to say? Obviously, not everyone will be, but there certainly is a segment of the population that will be interested. How large that segment is will be determined, in no small part, by how good I am at it.

Why else would anyone want to blog?

Some of the reasons I am blogging are for me. Surprisingly enough, people start a blog for their own benefit. A lot of bloggers out there have posted blogs about the benefits of blogging on their blogs… while blogging. (All right, I will not do that again.)

One list of benefits I read put “Emotional Catharsis” right at the top. I already looked it up, so I will save you the effort: it means venting. So, it is kind of like an online diary or a public journal. That is not me, but for those who blog for this reason, they find it therapeutic to write about what they may be going through at the time. It affords them some release, and they may just find others experiencing the same thing and engage with them to find support.

  1. Blogging puts me in the way of learning new things. Attempting to articulate my thoughts and ideas in a readable format requires that I learned a little bit about the English language and how to write. I am forced to explore new ideas, conduct research about my subject matter and to develop a working knowledge of a CMS (content management system, the platforms on which a blog is built).
  2. Blogging is giving me the chance to express myself in sharing my passion for the Word of God.
  3. Blogging is giving me the opportunity to share what I know about God’s Word, apologetics and Systematic Theology (and other various . . .things).
  4. Blogging is giving me the chance to engage with you and others like you and me. I’m also reaching out to those of you who may be searching for answers. I don’t know if I’ve got what your looking for, but I’m willing to engage and see.

So, there it is – why I am reaching out to you. Bottom line, I want to make a difference.