God is not a Penny

A penny, one cent, tails

By Vin Sparks

It is next to impossible to prove something does NOT exist because you would run into a negative categorical proposition – or a universal negative.  Logically speaking, you’re defeated before you start.

For instance, I could say that there is no penny in my house.  The only way I can be taken seriously is if I searched every corner of that house thoroughly – in every drawer, in every kitchen container and cabinet, under every rug and carpet.

However, even then, how can I be sure that someone didn’t slip in and hide a penny somewhere I’ve already looked while I was searching somewhere else.  The only way to achieve that level of confidence is to search the entire house, top to bottom, all at once.

Even then how do I know that a penny isn’t hidden in a compartment that I don’t know exists – a secret space the size of a penny.  I would have to have built the house myself and made sure that a penny-sized compartment wasn’t constructed for just a scenario as this.

In short, I would have to possess super human powers to be able to say with total confidence that there is no penny in my house and would have to have been the creator and builder of the house.

Well, what about those who say there is no God?  God is no penny!

To do so, one would have to have searched every corner of the universe, all at once – everything.  They would have to know all there is to know about every religion that has ever existed, everything about the study of Philosophy and all there is to know about Astronomy, the earth sciences and Physics.  In short, this person would have to know everything and be able to be everywhere at the same time – one would have to become the very God they deny to deny He exists.

Me?  All I have to do to prove He exists is to encounter Him just once, even if I wasn’t looking for Him.

There are millions, all over the globe, that have had an encounter with God and will attest to it.  Why are there those who continue to attempt to prove otherwise?