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Unto the Age of the Ages

The reign of Christ and His priesthood comes to an end. When the Sonship is brought under subjection to God and God becomes all-in-all there will no longer be a need for the mediatorial role of Jesus Christ. This will be when all the purpose and plan of God for all the ages comes to fruition. Everything that God has been working for is suddenly realized right here. We do not know what that looks like!

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All Things Reconciled

Check it out, this is the passage that caught me off guard and changed the way I see things. I found myself on a Universal Reconciliation website. I knew about UR and was going to click right out of the site knowing that what I was looking for would not be there.

Something stopped me, however, and I clicked on a tab that caught my eye. There it was: a passage of scripture that was very familiar to me, as a matter of fact, it was among my favorites (and still is). A recurring word was accentuated throughout by enlarging the font and changing its color. It looked something like this:

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6 Reasons I Believe It

The doctrine of eternal punishment is so entrenched in the way Christians are thinking that the overwhelming majority have never considered an alternative. Those who have become students of the Bible were quick to point out the standard “fire and brimstone”, “eternal torment”, “forever”, “weeping and gnashing of teeth” scriptures as reasons to continue to see the final judgement of God in the same way they always had.

I have already advanced a few scriptural arguments for Universal Reconciliation and addressed many of those objections in other articles, posts, emails, and discussions. What I would like to do here is to simply offer you 6 reasons to give Universal Reconciliation serious consideration.