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Unto the Age of the Ages

The reign of Christ and His priesthood comes to an end. When the Sonship is brought under subjection to God and God becomes all-in-all there will no longer be a need for the mediatorial role of Jesus Christ. This will be when all the purpose and plan of God for all the ages comes to fruition. Everything that God has been working for is suddenly realized right here. We do not know what that looks like!

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From Here to Eternity

Today, in scholarly circles, discussions about the meaning of eternity center around Medieval philosophical and theological reflection on the Latin word aeternitas, the word from which our “eternity” comes. More than just its predecessor, however, aeternitas was the catalyst for the idea in scripture. It was the Latin Vulgate, published in AD 400, that first juxtaposed the Greek sense of eternity upon scriptural teaching regarding the afterlife.