By the Numbers


Back in 1974 (yes that was before paved roads) we purchased our first new car. My wife and I agreed that I would pick the model and she would pick the color. We purchased a brand-new Buick Opel Manta – lime green.

Have you ever purchased something that seemed unique to you before you bought it, but after you brought it home, you noticed that it seemed everyone had one? They were all over the place?

This is what seemed to take place with that lime green car. No, everyone didn’t have one, but we saw a few, one of which was owned by the couple living in the apartment next door whose spot in the carport was right next to ours. That punctuated the phenomenon for me.

I have been a Christian since January of 1980 and in all that time I had never considered Universal Reconciliation. I am a graduate of an informal Bible school in San Diego and have been a diligent student of the scriptures ever since. I knew what UR was, but I never took the idea seriously before January 2020. It was then that I read a familiar passage of scripture on a UR website and the truth of God’s plan to reconcile the entire world to Himself hit me like a bolt of lightning.

That was ONE passage of scripture (Colossians 1:15-20). That is the green Opel Manta of my story. Since receiving what God had for me, I’ve been seeing Universal Reconciliation in scriptures throughout the Bible – Old Testament and New, in the Gospels and in Paul, in Peter and in Revelation. UR seems to permeate the Bible, as one would expect the truth to do.

Now, I’m not saying that an “all-dogs-go-to-heaven” kind of teaching is not without its troubles, scripturally, but neither is the idea of hell, eternal punishment, or the outright annihilation of most of humanity. Since that fateful day in January 2020, I have researched the doctrine of Universal Reconciliation from many different vantage points and have found dozens, if not scores, of passages in God’s Word that have been hiding in plain view. These are passages that seem to clearly and explicitly teach us that all things will be reconciled to God.

I would like to begin to present these passages to you, one by one, complete with a by-the-numbers look at each. The challenge you will have will be to consider these passages without a predisposition to hell. Try to consider each on its own strength of message without allowing your mind to immediately go to a passage that counters it. When we do that, we are not allowing ourselves the benefit of an unencumbered analysis of what is being said. I know this because that is what I’ve been doing since January 1980. Those passages can and have been addressed; many in posts on this blog. Let’s first determine if Universal Reconciliation can be recognized in the passages I am presenting. If it cannot, there is no reason to go on. If it can, then the “hell-fire and brimstone”, “weeping and gnashing of teeth”, “eternal torment” passages can be addressed.

Each of the posts will be included in a category called, “UR By the Numbers”. On the left side while in any one of these posts (or all the way at the bottom if you are reading this on your phone), you will find a drop-down category menu. By clicking on it and choosing “UR by the Numbers”, you can create a screen with nothing but posts that belong in this category. I am hoping this will be helpful.

Please, whatever your verdict, I am praying that, when you’ve finished reading the posts, you will be able to say that you have been blessed in considering the Universal Reconciliation of all things through the blood of the cross.

May the Lord Jesus bless and keep you in His grace.